ICC Cooler

The air coolers installed in Ingersoll-Rand Centac air compressors, have been designed and manufactured by Bloksma in Almere in 1970, in association with Ingersoll-Rand engineering. Ingersoll-Rand has recognized Bloksma as the certified supplier for these intercoolers for their production plant in Italy.
During almost 23 years, more than 15.000 Centac inter coolers were produced for Ingersoll-Rand.
In 1992, the USA Ingersoll-Rand management decided to produce these coolers in Italy from ready made component parts. From that moment Bloksma was free to go into the worldwide Centac intercooler aftermarket and built up their own Global network to sell these intercoolers.

  • New release: As already informed by GEA Bloksma regarding the takeover by GEA, who bought Bloksma in August 2008 their new management decided to discontinue the production of the ICC intercooler range. This was a difficult decision for GEA Bloksma after many years of manufacturing this type of coolers as the certified supplier for Ingersoll-Rand Italy and after 1992 for the common Centac aftermarket, for which they built together with their customers (agents and dealers) a global network.
    After that decision of GEA Bloksma, one of the existing customer ( a dealer & service organisation for maintaining Centac air compressors in Poland ) start negotiations to buy all the production equipment to continue manufacturing these ICC intercoolers. This happened and NOW we are pleased to announce you the new founded company ICC Sp. z o.o. in Katowice ( Poland ), who started already the production for the whole range of the original Centac intercoolers, which were manufactured in the past by Bloksma in Almere (Holland).
  • The replacement market: ICC Sp. z o.o. as a result of this decision is an independent contractually free company to sell these intercoolers for Centac air compressors directly to agents, dealers and end users worldwide. ICC Sp. z o.o. intercoolers are very price competitive, with the most common variants being available ex stock. ICC Sp. z o.o. is convinced to provide Centac users with a first class service.


The Centrifugal Technology Your Industry Demands

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ICC Cooler
  • Sprawdzona technologia
  • Produkcja chłodnic w Holandii
    od 1970 roku w Polsce od 2008
  • Najwyższa jakość, jedyny producent europejski
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