Service and repairs of screw compressors

Service and repairs of screw compressors

In cooperation with our long-time partner, having extensive experience in services and repair of turbo compressors Centac, we can provide comprehensive services, ranging from services to the most complex repairs.

Our advantages:

  • own production of coolers (the only European producer)
  • highest quality
  • access to all parts
  • experienced and trained service team
  • good technical equipment and machinery
  • competitive prices
  • In our offer we also regeneration, repair and cleaning of coolers for turbocompressors Centac.

Dear customers

icc coolerWe would like to inform you that we are the only European manufacturer of Centac coolers for Ingersoll Rand machines.

All coolers are manufactured only from certified materials, coming only from the European market.

We would also like to inform you that we have received information about some companies impersonating us with knock off products from China, misleading the customers. We do not produce coolers made of steel, but of copper, bronze and brass.