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The original proven ICC Cooler
The ICC intercooler and aftercooler cartridges for centrifugal air compressors are directly interchangeable with significant progressive improvements in construction and quality. ICC takes care of the low interstage air temperatures of the compressor, to improve the efficiency and reliability of plant air supply.

Product range

0C1 CV0 2CII
4C1 1CII

Special material requirement available on demand.

ICC Materials

  • Tube sheet – Munz copper
  • Tubes – Copper
  • Fins – Copper
  • Baffles – Copper
  • Central tube – Bronze
  • Shroud – Copper

Options: special materials such as coppernickel 90/10 tubes and/or baffles and tube plates are available on order.

ICC Performance

ICC recommends random pitch, off course square pitch can also be offered. The efficiency of random pitch is higher because there are more tubes in a random pitch unit than in the square pitch.


  • Lower heat load requirement per tube
  • Lower wall temperature per tube
  • Less scaling rate due to lower wall temperature
  • Lower pressure drop on the airside
  • Less power consumption due to lower pressure drop

ICC Features & Benefits

  • More uniform tube spacing: random pitch
  • More tubes extended cooling surfaces
  • More surface on the water side
  • Tubes roller-expanded
  • Directly interchangeable
  • Thick, solid brass tube sheets
  • Copper shroud and baffles
  • NC drilled at closure tolerances
  • Baffles accuracy punched on NC machines
  • Stocked for immediate delivery


  • Optimum heat transfer surfaces, greater efficiency, uniform flow, constant water velocity.
  • Less air-side pressure drop saves energy. Higher water velocity decrease fouling
  • Reduces the effect of fouling because of the lower load/m2
  • Superior strength, reduces “ leakers”
  • Freedom from OEM
  • Durability, long life
  • No leaking tube connections
  • Significant reduction of electrolysis
  • Minimum leakage (by-pass) between baffles and tubes
  • Reduced downtime, lower inventory costs.

Special services

  • ICC technicians will quickly clean and hydrotest your intercooler for improved efficiency and leak-performance. An inspection report is provided for each cooler.
  • A special design is available with no leakage between the baffles and the shroud and the baffles and tubes. This design allows a minimum water flowand is applicable for a heat recovery application.With an acceptable sacrifice on the air outlet temperature the cooling water can be heated up to 850C.
  • The built-in intercooler removes the heat of compression, which improves efficiency.